Hopy Poppy is first of all a little dreamer's madeleine de Proust. Hélène's happy adventure. Soon after her certificate from a Parisian fashion school, she decides to set up her own brand, a marvellous garden for her to sow the seeds of her creativity. It all begins with a taste for travelling.

She takes her first steps in Europe; in particular with the discovery of the funky cross stitch in London and of various textile printing techniques in Munich.

She then feels like discovering places, Australia, Brazil, India... various different cultures of which she retains a know-how or a way of working.

She decides to follow Ninon who creates her first collection in Delhi. She makes new friends; her first desires are born and the magic of India works.

Each actor is important and is part of the creation of a family atmosphere, a very important element in the choice of a place of production for her collection. The human side prevails and Hélène makes a point of establishing a link, even if it is virtual between the person who assembles the garment and the one who makes it hers.

There, in the heart of India, rich in culture and know-how, she finds her El Dorado. Hopy Poppy's machine is on the way ! Hélène walks around the bazaars and the workshops with the enthiusiasm of a child in her Ali Baba's cave. Everything is possible ! Shiny leathers pastel denims, graphic printed fabrics, hand-crafted lace All of themmixed with retro or bohemian style cuts. Here is the product of a stylistic sensitivity sharpened by a thirst for exotic discoveries. The birth of a brand with a definitely chosen girly identity, whose naive figures mark with their sweet sensuality. Let's be a mermaid ?!